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Our bottles are made of unbreakable double-walled steel. They will keep your drinks hot or cold for many hours. The silicone ring on the lid will prevent any spilling, so you can carry your bottle whatever you are doing and wherever you are going.

Keeping the environment healthy

By having this reusable eco-friendly bottle you are a part of a fast-growing movement to keep our planet safe and ensure its sustainability. Not using plastic bottles will reduce the plastic waste that is endangering out oceans and our nature.

Pure Steel 500ml

Made to last

Our bottles are made of longlasting stainless steel and are practically unbreakable. You can carry your bottle around without any worries. wheater for sports, office, hiking, climbing, for a car, your bottle will keep its functionality for years. Of course, the paint will peel off with time, but the core function of the bottle (keeping your drinks hot or cold) will prevail. We advise keeping your bottle and not buying a new one despite the paint damages that can occur with time in order to prevent unnecessary waste and consumption.

Vacuum flask

The a+ bottles are vacuum insulated, which means that between the two stainless steel walls is a vacuum that keeps your drinks at a stable temperature. Depending on factors like the outside temperature or the fullness of the bottle your drinks can stay hot or cold inside the bottle for many many hours.

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