Our Mission

A+ bottles was founded in 2017 by Srdjan Rajkovic, with the mission of providing people with an eco-friendly bottle for a daily use. The focus was to create a better and more sustainable environment by encouraging people to use the reusable products in their everyday life and lower the consumption of the plastic bottles. The idea was to create a bottle that can meet these needs while being of high-quality, functional and of contemporary design.

High-quality Materials I Made to last

We deeply believe in production of high-quality products and therefore are providing you with the bottle that is at the same time of the best quality and safety – 18/8 stainless steel bottle, 100% BPA-free, suitable for everyday use!

This double-walled steel bottle with vacuum technology will keep your drinks hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours while maintaining the taste of your beverages. The silicone ring on the lid will prevent any spilling, so you can carry your bottle and should not worry about the possible leakage.

Before shipping you your bottle, our team in Vienna is doing a last quality-check of each bottle.

Pure Steel 500ml

Keeping the environment healthy

Did you know that globally humans buy one million plastic bottles per minute or that 80 % of plastic bottles end up in landfills and therefore increase the pollution?

By using our a+ bottle you are becoming a part of a fast-growing movement that is keeping our planet safe and ensuring its sustainability by being a responsible consumer. Therefore you will reduce the plastic waste that is endangering our oceans and nature! Just remember, even a small adaptions in our life can bring big benefits to the world around us!

Your everyday friend on the go

Whether for sports, in the office, for a quick or longer hike, in a car, or while traveling, our a+ bottle can keep you company for years. Our design is suitable for all these occasions! In order to prevent unnecessary waste and consumption, we advise you to keep your bottle and not buy a new one despite possible damages that can occur with time.

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